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Dental implants are inclined to be on the expensive side since many of the factors that go into the cost of dental implants are naturally high-costing. However, you can find less expensive offerings from time to time.

Basic Costs

Dental implants entail significant basic costs. There are overhead costs and cost of materials. The geographical location can vary your service provider’s charges significantly. High-end or busy locations normally charge high rentals. The size of the dental clinic also tips the scales. Larger clinics that offer a broad range of dental and cosmetic services consequently pay a higher cost of rent. If you’re looking to save some money, try scouting dental implant services around low profile districts.


With regards to cost of materials, doctors present patients with different options for types of implants according to materials. These types vary in cost and may decrease or increase your costs according to your preferred choice.

Elaborate Procedure

Dental implant fall under surgical procedures. We all know that most types of surgery require a lot of financing. Multiple specialists will attend to you and medications like anesthetics and others are for issuing.

As for the procedure, it is not one step alone. You go through multiple stages. There will be initial consultations. What’s next? You’ll have measurement sessions, implant fitting, temporary crown placement, abutment placement, and finally, the permanent crown placement. There’s healing and monitoring going on all through those stages. So, you’re in and out of the clinic and your providers are serving you on multiple occasions. Wow! You are probably getting by now why dental implants are so expensive.

Qualification and Expertise

Your dentist and specialist, oral surgeon, prosthodontist, and whoever; they all took basic training for this. They probably secured additional certifications to further hone their expertise. It is common knowledge that a higher form of education and specialization can be costly. That’s why skilled and sought-after practitioners have the ethical and reasonable right to charge higher service fees. If you want to get cheap dental implants, you may go to novices, newly graduates, or unfortunately, even non-specialists. But if you prioritize peace of mind and security over price, then you’re better off paying more for quality and sure service.

Additional Procedures

In some cases, a patient may need additional procedures like a tooth extraction or bone grafting. These additions will raise the costs for sure. Tooth extraction is a requirement when there is gum or tooth infection and crowding of teeth among other reasons. On the other hand, bone grafts are a recourse if your jaw bone cannot support the implant (or implants, if multiple).

Let’s also mention incidental procedures that clients often get requests for. These are X-Rays and CT Scans of the mouth. These are necessary for ensuring the best place to locate your implants and gives your specialist insights on the positions and tilts of your teeth.  Information like those helps him (or her) better handle your procedures.

Extent of Procedure

How many implants would you need? Naturally, the more implants, the more costly it will become. It is not uncommon for some patients to require a whole set of implants. While there may be promotional discounts in cases like that, the client should totally expect the procedure to be so expensive.

Some insurances cover dental implant procedures. There are companies that provide some coverage and reimburses you for a fraction of the total costs. If you’re in need of dental implants, inquire with your provider for possible benefits so you can lower the cost of having this expensive procedure.